Perpetuating Acts of Encouragement, Kindness, and Mercy

On open letter to all who donated to HHCF in 2011 or attended the funeral for Joe Hainline:

I wanted to thank you for your kind words and your recognition of Joe shown by your donation to the Hainline Heritage Charitable Foundation. This Foundation is one Joe passionately wanted to create. He worked on it for over a year before his passing.

Joe’s vision of the Foundation included several areas. He wanted to provide ongoing support and encouragement for the good work Missouri environmental sanitarians were doing in helping and protecting their communities. Joe spent twenty-four years working as an Environmental Health Specialist and wanted to encourage scientific improvement and innovation, community spirit and helpfulness, and integrity in overseeing the needs of public health. To realize this goal, the Foundation will be sponsoring a yearly scholarship to be given to a student of Environmental Public Health to encourage that student’s ongoing study and interaction in professional groups and peer review. We will also be looking for opportunities to help support health education and services in other venues in the future.

The other passion Joe passed along to his family and friends is his desire to impart encouragement, kindness, and mercy to those with whom he came in contact. This may be the friend at work, a neighbor, a homeless person, an immigrant learning a new language, a pregnant woman needing help, or a student trying to make his or her way in the world. Joe saw what we do as an investment in people–an investment rooted in God’s grace that produces an eternal effect, but not always one that can be measured in terms of a financial or “bang for the buck” benefit. As a consequence of Joe’s ability to see a need and try to fill it, we now encourage ourselves to notice the needs of people around us and act with encouragement, kindness, and mercy. The Hainline Heritage Charitable Foundation would love to continue to pass along that message through varied activities in the future.

Joe’s vision of helping was not always local. While we were helping an individual from Uganda who attended our fellowship, Joe and I learned of another need. In 2008 he took on a project to help eight-year-old twins from Uganda. Their mother and only parent was suffering from AIDS and had difficulty caring for them. They had never attended school and lived in a small village. Joe began to pay tuition for Maryline and Joseph to go to a local boarding school in Kampala, Uganda, where they could be cared for and receive an education. He continued this through 2011. This is one of the specific acts of encouragement, kindness and mercy that will be continued by the Hainline Heritage Charitable Foundation.

We are excited about beginning this Foundation work, carrying on the spirit and acts that we found so refreshing and heartening in Joe. We are blessed to have your acknowledgement of Joe’s gifts as we find ways to pass along that compassion and continue his challenge to us of adding something beneficial to the world.

Thank you again for your part in making Joe’s dream a reality.

Darleen Hainline

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