Joe Hainline’s MMFEHA Lifetime Achievement Award

On April 12, 2012 we attended the 33rd Annual Missouri Milk, Food, and Environmental Health Association awards banquet, and my father was honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award. My mom, Darleen Hainline, accepted the award. The following text comes from the banquet program:

Joseph W. Hainline dedicated his career to progressive public health and is considered by his peers to be one of the most knowledgeable environmental health specialists in Missouri. He began as a Multi-County Environmental Public Health Specialist (EPHS) II in Lincoln and Warren Counties in 1987. Along with routine duties, Joe worked with the Sate and other County Environmental Public Health Specialists on a Food Committee that was able to procure a sponsor for a state food-licensing bill. Although the bill did not pass, it brought to light many of the problems that exist in food service facilities within individual counties, and he successfully worked to adopt a Food Code for Lincoln County. In 1995, Joe went to work as an EPHS V with Missouri Department of Health to serve as the Onsite Sewage Coordinator for the State Health Department. Joe was a major contributor in writing the Missouri Law accompanied by Department of Health Rules Governing On-site Sewage Systems. Joe helped to develop the current on-site sewage installers training and certification program. While working with the State Health Department, Joe served on the Baylor University On-site Sewage Advisory Board.

A recipient of the Monarch Award, Joe also received the following awards:

Missouri Department of Health employee of the month – June 1998
Section for Environmental Public Health Employee of the Year – 1998
National Certificate of Merit in July 1997
Governor’s Productivity Award – 1996
After coming to work for the Jefferson County Health Department in 1999, Joe immediately took on the challenge of developing and implementing a temporary food service inspection program for the county. This program is increasingly successful and currently monitors hundreds of temporary facilities at fairs, festivals, and other events each year. Joe finalized a grant proposal to develop a Windows based computerized food service inspection program; the program was implemented and used by a number of other counties. He also wrote and implemented another successful grant application to fund a study concerning the cleaning efficacy of grocery store conveyor belts and employee hand washing; the findings of which were presented at an MMFEHA Conference.

In August of 2001, Joe became the Supervisor of Environmental Services for the Jefferson County Health Department. He worked with his staff to develop and maintain programs including the indoor air quality program; chronic wasting disease surveillance program; swimming pool ordinance; tattoo and body piercing ordinance; and a mosquito surveillance and control program. He successfully worked with the Jefferson County Commission to pass a mosquito control order, a Sexually Oriented Businesses Ordinance, and a Quarantine Ordinance. He did not flinch in the face of seemingly overwhelming issues like the Herculaneum lead contamination issue, or his personal involvement in the investigation of the contaminated drinking water issue in Hematite, but sought to resolve these issues to best serve the public health. He made employee training and teamwork a priority and encouraged input in all things from policy and administration to every day issues. He promoted education with regulation, stressing that whenever possible, education should come first. His energy and dedication to public health served to inspire his staff to maintain a level of excellence in environmental health. When confronted with adversity, he faced it with humor. Joe was a member of MMFEHA and for many years served as the Chairman of the Legislative Committee. He was a President of the Missouri Environmental Health Association (MEHA), and a member of the MPHA, NOWRA, IAFP, NEHA, and MSO. He worked to further progressive legislation that would benefit public health. He encouraged other E.P.H.S’s in their work, and extended his expertise whenever is was needed beyond the confines of his department. He was well known and well respected throughout the Missouri public health community. Many citizens in Jefferson County and the state have benefited from Joe’s dedication and excellence in public health.

It is MMFEHA’s great honor to include Joseph W. Hainline with those few that have received its most prestigious award – the Lifetime Achievement Award.

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