February 16, 2012

Need Based Scholarships

In 2008 Joe Hainline took on a project to help eight-year-old twins from Uganda. Their mother and only parent was suffering from AIDS and had difficulty caring for them. They had never attended school and lived in a small village. Joe began to pay tuition for Maryline and Joseph to go to a local boarding school in Kampala, Uganda, where they could be cared for and receive an education. This is one of the specific acts of encouragement, kindness and mercy that has been continued by the Hainline Heritage Charitable Foundation.

The twins are now fourteen and in a secondary school, and we continue to provide them a scholarship to attend school. They have told us they want to be a doctor and a judge, but no matter where they choose to go they will have a foundation to get there. We hope to open other opportunities as HHCF expands.